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Uses |Irrigation

When ABOT technology is used to treat irrigation water, as for example in agriculture or on artificial turf or golf courses, it will eliminate bacteria, fungi and germs very effectively. Consequently, there is little risk of spreading disease. Moreover, the absence of any chemicals means there will no longer be any damage to plants, crops, natural grass or artificial turf. Water can be re-used when applied to artificial turf.

ABOT technology is perfected for this purpose in Hymatic Irrigation. This system disinfects irrigation water effectively, and maintains water quality at a high level.

What's more, Hymatic Irrigation keeps the interior of your system free of bacteria and lime. By emitting copper ions at low doses, it is able to combat Legionella and Salmonella in the pipework and keep it disinfected. This is a major advantage, especially in pipework systems where heating takes place.

Irrigation water treated with Hymatic Irrigation does not contain the unwanted by-products found in conventional systems. Hymatic Irrigation is less expensive both to buy and to run than conventional systems.

Ecological water treatment without using chlorine
Disinfected water prevents the spread of pathogenic bacteria
Combats formation of algae effectively
Economical system, both to buy and to use
Easier to maintain, as less contamination can occur whilst disinfecting
More effective irrigation process and higher quality crops
Efficient usage since more of the water reaches the plants' roots
Low-maintenance compared with other systems, e.g. water-softener and reverse-osmosis systems